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I find peace in wrapped hands and sweat in my eyes, in the knowing grimmace and bent back, hands on thighs, of my neighbor, for a split second of eye contact, a too hot room, leather bags popping mix tape … Continue reading

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Passing through

Unexpected mist and a mercury drop under a blue carpet and bold beams of sun, she swept through me. Tired muscles and exhausted posture did not intercept the invasion, barely registering the trespass. The messages and comments of friends buzzed … Continue reading

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Facing uncertainty is simple, like pulling sutures out of my own beating chest by hand. Easy as stiching two mountains together with spider thread as the wind begins to pick up. Routine as taking a pulse during an earthquake. Just … Continue reading

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The day spiders came crawling out of my veins, a processional forming ranks that spelled words and phrases in a pulsing mass of instinct and venom and senses beyond sight. That day I decided to be born into the world, … Continue reading

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Hardly Stormcrows

Hardly stormcrows, whose acumen does not include subtlety. More like the odd color choice or misplaced stroke of the brush that snags on spurs in the back of the spine and slowly drills coreward. Clues and miscues stimulate the gut … Continue reading

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Reclaimed Angel

Angel’s footing, muse’s fire, unattainable and out of reach; identity, attire, existentially ugly, malformed, stitched in discordant black and muddy grey against a scene set in pink, gold, red and green. Forget this folly, so simple for one baptized, scripted: … Continue reading

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Show me the infinite whirl where moments and matter entwine and then tell me that the answer matters at all to the question “What do you chose here, now?” I am moving through my own shadow so swiftly, that by … Continue reading

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Damocles, I welcome your seat and the pounding in your chest. I will not beg Dionysius for magnanimity. This blade is far sharper, its edges more real than echoes cast by the wailing shades, chanting in the dying groves. I … Continue reading

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