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Passing through

Unexpected mist and a mercury drop under a blue carpet and bold beams of sun, she swept through me. Tired muscles and exhausted posture did not intercept the invasion, barely registering the trespass. The messages and comments of friends buzzed … Continue reading

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Facing uncertainty is simple, like pulling sutures out of my own beating chest by hand. Easy as stiching two mountains together with spider thread as the wind begins to pick up. Routine as taking a pulse during an earthquake. Just … Continue reading

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Women’s March, Privilege, Cheap Shots, and Getting Muddy

I began writing this piece almost a month ago, and have decided to publish it now, albeit unedited. ____________ This past weekend was abundant with energy, excitement, rage, disappointment, and thoughtful growth.  Over the past few weeks, I have reflected … Continue reading

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I once held this fantasy, but it has since grown up. Now I find myself wearing armor to bed and long past holding any weighty regret for this not materializing. Still, as a story, it is sweet, though treacle and … Continue reading

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Next Round

Today, I had to go a little easier with my right paw. On Sunday, it had landed less than squarely on the bag, leaving me with a partial weekend of aching and shaking out the stiffness. A little softer on … Continue reading

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