Essential Planning Revisited

Plans and schedules define the end
as much as they are defined by it,
iterative processes, with space for
flexible maneuvering, as long as the
detours are heading the same way.
Still, the path has its own voice
and sensuous beauty, a justification
for reflection, or a siren for
stopping, sleeping.
Now, the time is for mileage
and progress, time to wake up.

New year, updated plans. I have begun to take this New Year as an appropriate milestone to revise and update my plans and goals. I wrote a long piece regarding essential planning about 5 months ago. Much has changed since then, and it is time to record the successes and evaluate the missed opportunities, revising the course.

This post is a summary of my process, not specificity, although I will briefly mention that some specific goals have been met (educational funding, social engagement, physical fitness), partially met (career training, family engagement), or heretofore, missed (creative endeavors, career advancement).

What follows is the process of evaluation for the long-term, medium-term, and short-term goals I had identified earlier.

      • Identify structures in my life that serve as foundations and home bases for perusing my goals. Examples include: social groups to which I belong, clubs, local groups, close friends, intimacies, family, and work organizations, including my current employer.
      • Categorize each element into one or more of the following:
        1. Essential to reaching goals
        2. In alignment with goals
        3. Neutral with respect to goals
        4. Not in alignment with goals (distractions)
        5. Preventing or impeding goals
      • Evaluate forward orientation of the various structures, namely:
        1. S: Strengthen the structure through investment of time, energy, and focus.
        2. L: Leave the structure in place with the same investment of time, energy, and focus.
        3. D: Diminish the structure
        4. X: Drop the structure
      • Develop or revisit previously developed actions. Examples include: update resume, increase workout frequency, and meditate daily.

Through this process, I have already discovered great value that had been unrecognized, as well as serious misalignment in other areas. And, that is exactly why it is necessary.

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