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Damocles, I welcome your seat and the pounding in your chest. I will not beg Dionysius for magnanimity. This blade is far sharper, its edges more real than echoes cast by the wailing shades, chanting in the dying groves. I … Continue reading

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Share Your Best Blog Post — MakeItUltra™

You are invited to share a link and include a brief description about your best or most popular blog post! Don’t forget to reblog this post to get others involved! If you enjoyed this don’t forget to like, comment and … Continue reading

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Designed by

“What is your proudest moment?” The superlative is what stops this question in place, freezing it to hang just out of easy reach.  The most proud I have ever felt is a complicated notion, covered over with the growth and … Continue reading

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My Journey Through Meditation (the Start)

I am one step past the starting line. And typical me, I am diving in fully.  When it comes to the balance I am ultimately seeking, the irony of this does not escape me.  But I am me, and becoming … Continue reading

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Last Night

Last night, I calmed my mind again with my process, one of meditation and giving power to decisive control, and repeated it again this morning. I reconnected with how powerful I am, how clearly I see things, and how much … Continue reading

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