Cycles and drawing circles

Cycle’s grip tightens
Around what’s the risk
and why I didn’t ask it,
Around Muppets
and upcoming birthday parties.

Think about it, use mind muscle:
My presentation today,
only one of 12 to get
wows and applause,
Pried a stuck team out of
the quicksand,
Wore a suit, looked like $1.1M,
Daughter nominated for class VP,
Son led karate class,
Negotiated a new contract,
re-negotiated an old one.

Still, mind returns to old news,
and new refusals, and
while here,
why not go back, all the way,
to eleven, when I learned
to be good and to hate,
As if I had a choice.

My book says mind like water,
put confusion in a box
Called action.
Clear the shelf, and
I finally
Come home where
Roots can draw what they
need for tomorrow,
And where I can draw simple
lines between us,
including the dog and cat,
And a circle around it all,
A boundary I choose.

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