Abundance Results

The original post was:

Goals for today, to be followed up in a subsequent post:

  1. Find one opportunity that I might have previously passed on, and take it.
  2. Learn one new thing.
  3. Find one example of the abundance around me

Sort of punting on this one.  All work related.

1.  An inversion of the goal, of sorts.  An opportunity to say “No” to a small, urgent project.  The due date is Friday, and while I might normally drop everything and be all in, this time, I said no thank you. I didn’t drop the ball, though. Instead, I made a suggestion of who in our firm was available to help.

2. The new buzzword in my line of work is resiliency, which means the ability to survive disastrous impacts and return to normalcy in a timely manner, and is made up of three components: robustness, redundancy, and recovery.

3.  Independently called two of our firm’s long-term consultants with whom the relationship had somewhat soured.  I brokered good agreements with both for services we need.  Opportunity is everywhere.

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